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Bleeding After Intercourse In Women - Dr. Suhasini Inamdar דימום לאחר מגע מיני

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Bleeding after intercourse is not normal, so if a lady has bleeding after intercourse she needs to be checked. Normally reasons can be simple infections which can lead to vaginal infection or cervical infections or ulcers in the mouth of cervix or it can be some simple innocent growth which can be polyps of the cervix or of the endocervical area. So these are the innocent conditions which can be responsible for bleeding and it can be treated very very easily. There are some diseases called gonorrhea,chlamydia infection or trichomoniasis these three infections are transferred sexually. there are major reasons which cannot be ignored like cancers of vagina and cervix which may lead to post-coital bleeding, in this case the lady should be checked and rule out the possibilities of the post-coital bleeding.

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